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And That's a Wrap...  
Wednesday - 02:01 AM (UTC) March 09, 2005
  Hi All!

Suzie's run on the United Media website,, has come to an end. We put in our six months, but we were unable to impress the folks at United enough for them to offer us a full print contract, so we decided to move on. It was a great experience, and my only regret is that I won't have a chance to see Suzie in the funnies section of my local paper.

I want to thank United for giving us the opportunity, and I want to thank everyone who supported us over the past couple of years. We could never have gotten this far without you! :) And, who knows, I just might return to the world of comics one day...

Take care,
What Is This?  
Saturday - 09:40 PM (UTC) July 31, 2004
  Suzie View was my second attempt at syndication glory, and this time I teamed-up with the brilliant Tauhid Bondia. We sent this submission off at the end of January, and--finally--at the end of July, we got a call from United Feature Syndicate asking if we were interested in a web contract. To quote the bard, Al Michaels, "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" :)  
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